A Twist on Brides and Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day I was going to write about brides and their mothers.  As I was looking through photos from weddings I’ve worked on, I realized that many of my brides ARE mothers, and I wanted to write a post to celebrate them!  Planning for a wedding can be difficult, and these wonderful women all prepared for their big day while also raising kids.  All of them wanted to include their children in the wedding in various ways…more on that in another post!  For now, some beautiful photos of these brides and their sweet children!

Bride, son, dress, vineyard, winery

Photo by Richard Wood Photographics


I adore this photo!  Tammi and Michael celebrated their wedding by including their baby Jack (the photo doesn’t show his beautiful red hair).  Jack, along with Michael’s four older children, were a key part of their day in Calistoga.  He was such a cutie!


Mom, bride, daughter, orange, dress, window

Photo by Richard Wood Photographics

Mom kids winery vineyard bride daughter son

Photo by Richard Wood Photographics


Jenifer’s three children were included in the wedding party at Jacuzzi Winery last October, and her oldest son walked her down the aisle.  I love this family portrait…later Groom Ryan joined the photos to capture the new blended family.


Photo by Moments to Remember

Melisa’s daughter was so excited to be the bridesmaid for her mom, and spent time with her as they were getting ready.  This photo is so sweet, and they were so happy!


Photo by Briana Marie Photography

No, the bride didn’t have a newborn, but her Matron of Honor / Twin Sister did!  I adore this wedding, because up until the rehearsal we didn’t think Diane’s sister would be able to attend the wedding, having had her baby just days before.  She was willing, but the paperwork to travel internationally with the baby wasn’t ready in time (from Canada).  At the last minute, it was announced that the new baby’s passport arrived that day, and they flew in to attend the wedding.  Happy tears all around (and yes, wedding planners get emotional too)!


Photo by Blonde Tulip

Being escorted down the aisle by your two sons must be an amazing feeling!  Traci’s happiness shined all day, and Max and Oliver did a wonderful job as escorts and groomsmen.

Thank you to all the wonderful mothers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Enjoy your special day!